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Ceren is a lighting designer and ceramic artist based in Istanbul. A Mimar Sinan graduate majoring in Ceramic and Glass Design, Ceren underwent training with a renowned sculptor. The next milestone in her career was taking over the design department of a glass manufacturing company. She became deeply involved in interior decoration design, working on large sculptural lighting installations and learning more about manufacturing techniques and new materials piercing metal, wood, and glass together.


Her great passion for bringing glass and clay to life took her a step forward and led her to realize her greatest dream : Maiizen. A multidisciplinary creative, Ceren now happily wakes up to endless possibilities for expression each day. Inspired by nature and daily life, she always craves to create timeless designs that take the retrospective into the light of the contemporary, along with an abstract understanding of form and space. Fascinated by various glass-blowing techniques and using clay as her primary medium, she creates luminaires, lighting sculptures and sculptural objects..


Ceren's current projects include the Abyss and Asea series.

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